Tough Phones are popular with builders, plumbers, plasterers, cyclists, hikers, sailors and swimmers, whose phones take a beating or are particularly vulnerable to water damage.

Tough-Phones are a specialist provider of personal and business Tough Phones from JCB, Land Rover, Motorola and Samsung. As a dedicated Tough Phone provider, we know how to get you the best deals and cheapest Tough Phones available.

With traditional phones only lasting 6 to 12 months and cheap mobile phone contracts being 24 month, buying a Tough Phone is a great way of getting the best value for money.

Plus, if you work in a tough trade (such as Building, Plumbing and Plastering) or enjoy sports (such as sailing, swimming, hiking and mountain climbing), Tough Phones have been designed to be extremely durable.

As we spend most of our time finding the latest tough phones, we have all of the information that you will need to get that ideal phone.