About Tough Phones

Tough Phones is a leading provider of premium quality rugged phones—for both personal and professional use in tough environments. Our dedication to sourcing premium tough phones, combined with our deep industry knowledge, means that we deliver quality products with the right features and at the best possible prices. 

Our Rugged Phone collection consists of a wide range of brands with an array of features—from easy-to-use tough phones to Android-based smartphones and heavy-duty walkie-talkies that enable companies and individuals alike to increase productivity and reduce costs.  




Tough Phones for Tough Environments

Tough Phones are ideal for tough situations—durable and innovative. The average rugged phone has a variety of features for withstanding excessive exposure to tough environments—from water resistance and shock protection to extreme weather tolerance and Gorilla glass screen protection.

As a leading provider of tough phones in the UK, we have a wide and combined range of easy-to-use phones and smartphones for any environment. For those with a demanding job or an active lifestyle, a tough phone might be the best option.