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We are a specialist provider of personal and business Tough Phones in the UK. As a dedicated Tough Phone provider, we have the widest selection of Tough Phones available at the best possible prices and with our Best Price Guarantee we know we can get you the best deals and cheapest Tough Phones available.

With traditional phones used in a very tough environment, they may only last 6 to 12 months when the average mobile phone contract is 24 months, buying a Tough Phone is a great way of getting the best value for money.

Plus, if you work in a tough trade (such as the Construction industry, Building, Plumbing and Plastering) or enjoy sports (such as sailing, swimming, hiking and mountain climbing), Tough Phones have been designed for you to be extremely durable.

As we spend most of our time searching for the best and most rugged phones available in the world we are confident you will find the right phone for you here whether its a Waterproof Phone or a Dustproof Phone we have them all with selected phones bragging an IP Rating of IP68 you are in good hands.

We are proud to be the largest Tough Phones supplier in the UK, we have the widest variety of Tough, Durable and Waterproof phones in the UK, including phones from JCB, Sonim, MTT, RugGear and Caterpillar – this makes us a great choice for security and range. However, we haven’t forgotten our roots, and each and every individual customer matters.

If you need help finding the right Rugged Phone for you call 01782 454 222 and speak to a Tough Phone specialist today.

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Introducing the Rugged Smartphone

Just because you need a tough, durable phone for business or pleasure it doesn’t mean you have to settle for basic features.

Tough Dual Sim Phones

It’s taken a while, but finally Dual Sims are a realistic and practical option available with some of our Tough Phones.

IP Rating: The Higher The Rating The Better Protection From Dust And Water

P stands for Ingress Protection. A rating that classifies the degree of protection from intrusion or Immersion.

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