If you require a Tough Mobile phone that will withstand both rough handling and even some occasional abuse, you’ll need to look for one that is constructed with the most durable exterior available. Although no cell phone is guaranteed to be damage proof, heavy-duty construction may help a phone withstand being dropped. If you tend to use your cell phone outdoors a lot, or if you enjoy sports such as boating, camping, and hiking, then you should choose a Tough Mobile phone that is also water resistant.

Regardless of how tough and durable the shell of the cell phone appears to be, if it has a slippery feel, it may not be suitable. If your Tough Mobile phone is slippery enough to fall through your fingers and hit the floor, it can become damaged. Look for grooved sides for a comfortable grip. Rubber coating will help prevent the phone from slipping out of your hand.

Assuming you’ve found a Tough Mobile phone with a strong clam shell design and rubberised grip, the next feature should be water resistance. Unfortunately, you may not know for sure just how water resistant the phone is until you’ve been caught in a rain shower. This is why it is important to read reviews.

Reviews from other consumers can let you know how the cell phone has stood up to various conditions. Don’t stop at reading a few consumer reviews, however. Read reports from various experts in the industry who have tested the device to get some solid, unbiased opinions.