In this video JCB are testing out 3 of the JCB phone range which are the JCB Tradesman, Jcb Sitemaster and the JCB Pro Talk.

Firstly in the start of the video you can clearly see the gentlemen drop a phone into the river. This you can tell the phone is waterproof and also that the phone floats. I think this is amazing and they have proved to you that the phone can withstand water.

On the next bit of the video you can see the man putting the JCB Sitemaster on the floor and it being run over by a JCB digger. This is to test how much weight can be pressured onto the phone and you can clearly see the phone works after.

Next the 3 phones get gravel dropped on them to see if they are dust proof and also the digger drives over them repeatedly to add the fact to see if they can withstand the weight and after you can clearly see the man is able to work the phones.

After that the phones are dropped from to separate heights to see how shockproof they are. On both times they are dropped the phones work which is incredible.

On the next bit they phones are propped up on a wall and they use a grinder to see how tough the screens are on the phone. He picks up the phone after and you can clearly see the phone screen is not scratched.

Next the JCB Sitemaster is dropped from a very big height and after it still works. Also by being dropped by that heigh it actually broke the record so you can see how good the phones really are. Try doing that with a normal phone and it won’t work.

On the next bit of the video the 3 photos are put into a wheel and are then sprayed by a pressure water hose. This shows the phone is water proof and also that it is tough because it can withstand the pressure.

On the last clip of the video you see a really fast digger being driven which is the JCB GT which is the fastest digger ever. It has 600bhp and can reach 100mph. The 3 phones are attached to 3 metres of chain which are then attached to the digger and they are dragged up the hill. At the end you can see all the phones work which is incredible.