Welcome to the amazing JCB Pro-Talk phone.


The JCB Pro-talk is an extremely durable phone, which is a perfect phone for a rock-climber because if you are at a height and your phone drops then this phone will not break. Also if you love you skiing and there is a puddle of ice and your phone drops in it then this phone will not break because it is waterproof. Also on the phone there is a camera so you can also take photos and show them to friends of you doing your sporting. One of the best things about this phone is you also have touch-screen so if your hands are cold and you have difficulty using the keys then you can just use the touch-screen.

Features include a Dual SIM, 8 channel two-way radio, 2MP camera, Touch screen, GPS, Quad-band and many more.

For more information on the JCB Pro-Talk TP851 please visit https://toughphones.net/jcb-pro-talk-tp851-personal