It seems that there isn’t a day that goes by without us seeing someone trying to destroy a tough phone. Unsurprisingly, given the name, the Tough Phone usually survives it. This blog post showcases some of the best attempts to destroy a tough phone.

 Cement Mixer Test

We’ve covered this in a previous blog, but it’s worth adding in for completeness sake.  Once again the tough Phone is mixed in with concrete and put in a cement mixer.

Washing machine Test

For the second test, a tough phone is put into a commercially available washing machine and well, washed. This test is to determine whether your tough phone will still survive if you accidently leave it in your trouser pocket when washing your trousers.

Grill Test

This may seem unlikely to be tested in the UK soon, but if you accidently drop your Tough Phone next to the sausages, then you can be rest assured that your phone will still work. The Tough Phone was also ran over by two different cars and used in a game that the office calls “Axe Golf”

As you can see from the videos, Tough Phones passes the tests with flying colours. Even under the most concentrated attacks, only the screen breaks! For more information about Tough Phones or you want to show us your attempts at destroying a Tough Phone, Call us today on 01782 450 111 or e-mail