The Motorola Defy + JCB Edition has to be the most exiting release in the Tough Phone market. Traditionally a Tough Phone meant sacrificing features and functions.. Well NOT ANY MORE!!

The Motorola Defy Plus JCB Edition is made with durability in mind. Being Dust Proof and Water Proof – to 1 meter – for up to 30 minutes gives it a certified rating of IP67.

Tough Phone Motorola Defy Plus JCB

Tough Phone Motorola Defy Plus JCB

The 3.7 inch Gorilla Glass display has exceptional scratch proof resistance. So Business or Pleasure – whether that’s skiing down the Alps or bricklaying in Birmingham, this Smart Tough Phone’s the one for you.

A protective shock resistant JCB Skin, this makes it one of the toughest phones in the marketplace today.

Inside the JCB Skin, the Pro-Talk has a powerful 1GHz processor, which makes it run extremely quickly and equipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system makes it reliable (great combination).

Now you have a Tough Phone which is super tough, super fast and super reliable…. but it doesn’t end there. You also get full push e-mail, threaded SMS and, with 3G, you can surf the internet really quickly.

You can catch up on Facebook, Twitter, search the internet on Google or catch up on e-mails whilst Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (Network Dependant) or snorkelling on a beach in the Caribbean.

The 5MP Camera allows you to capture these experiences in exceptional clarity or, as a Builder, Lanscaper, Architect, what better way to capture your work and upload it to your website; all from the powerful and durable phone.

Finally, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this phone can be yours for free (on contracts from just £16 per month inc. VAT) on a Pay Monthly Contract for £239 (SIM FREE).

The JCB Pro-Talk can also be supplied FREE on Business Deals on all the Major Networks.

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