It’s taken a while, but finally Dual Sims are a realistic and practical option available with some of our Tough Phones. Staying ahead of your industry in the technology game is even easier when you can combine Dual Sim functionality with a Tough Phone able to withstand the rigours of your daily demands.

Tough Dual Sim Phones enable you to have 2 numbers with 2 identities. This is suitable for a variety of different reasons:

  • Enabling you to carry one device whilst keeping work and personal lives separate, with separate billing
  • Enabling you to manage two different business accounts entirely separately from each other, again with separate billing
  • Enabling you to utilise two different networks to benefit from different pricing plans according to your usage
  • Enabling you to travel abroad and utilise local networks, whilst retaining the connection to your UK contacts: especially important for frequent travellers, particularly those who regularly travel to the same destination
  • Enabling you to carry out lower-priced calls between yourself and others with the same provider
  • Enabling you to store, access and utilise additional digital information on one device

Dual Sim technology combined with Tough Phone exteriors brings you the best of both worlds: a handset capable of putting up with all your Tough Life throws at it, whilst also extending its functionality.

So if you are looking for a Tough Dual Sim Phone that is Waterproof, Dust and Shock Proof then check out our Tough Dual Sim Phones , we have the widest selection available at the best possible prices.

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