Looking at tough mobile phones and why we need them. Having a decent mobile phone is a necessity for most people. But what if your work or lifestyle happens to be in or around places where an average mobile phone might be too fragile? Designed to be more robust and durable than normal smartphones, our tough mobiles phones are the devices you need for tough environments. Our range of brands and features, combined with our deep industry knowledge means you’ll find the right tough mobile phones at the best prices. 

So, who needs tough mobile phones?

There are many reasons why we might need a tough mobile phone, but perhaps the most common reasons are that we work in tough environments or love extreme sports. From builders surrounded by construction sites and farmers working with heavy machinery to thrill-seekers rafting on the rapids of a thundering river or hanging off the face of a cliff. 

As the leading provider of tough mobile phones in the UK, our tough phone collection consists of a wide range of brands with an array of features—from easy-to-use tough mobile phones to Android-based smartphones and heavy-duty walkie-talkies that enable companies and individuals alike to increase productivity and reduce costs.  

Tough mobile phones are ideal for tough situations—durable and innovative. The average rugged phone has a variety of features for withstanding excessive exposure to tough environments—from water resistance and shock protection to extreme weather tolerance and Gorilla glass screen protection. Beyond making sure we only offer phones and accessories that are made of Tough Stuff, we strive to provide a complete choice of networks that match our range of manufacturers such as JCB, Land Rover, Motorola, and Samsung. Whatever the size of your Tough Job, we have the Tough Solution.

Tough Mobile Phones for all industries


Tough phones are the way forward for the engineering industry. They are built to be spark-proof, as well as designed to prevent dust and water ingress, so they are durable.


Defense and Safety

Tough Phones have been developed largely using defence technology – they have been designed to be rugged, durable, and up to exactly these kinds of jobs. Read more here.



Modern technology is leaving its mark on every industry and in farming, tough phones improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and provide excellent durability in tough environments.



Builders require tough phones for their tough work environments. Tough phones come with fantastic specs that improve productivity in the workplace and are durable.



The mining industry is a tough one. Workers are surrounded by hazardous environments and as such, they need a durable phone that they can rely on in the long run.



Water damage has been a common cause of smartphone loss, so the tough phone is the way to go for plumbers. The waterproof features are excellent and long-lasting.



Workers in the demolition industry can attest to dangers of dust particles affecting the functionality and durability of phones, which is why a tough phone is the way forward.



Working with hazardous machinery and in a cloud of dust not only affects the functionality of a smartphone but it’s durability. Tough phones for tough environments are the go-to.


Extreme sports

Thrill-seekers are always looking for the next adventure, and usually, one that involves a tough environment. Having a tough smartphone means no more accidental loss or damage.



Harnessing the power of the wind while propelling across vast oceans of water can be tough on a smartphone, especially when you are trying to capture the moment in mid-air.



Gearing up for a weekend of fishing out on the ocean or off the side of a dock is exciting, but often results in water damage to phones. Think tough phone for tough environments.



Most tough phones are as smart as they are rugged, and what better way to capture memories than with a durable tough mobile phone that is optimised for adventure-seekers.