Whilst out on the job, those working for Environmental Protection Agencies risk exposing their phone to hazards that simply don’t happen in the course of normal office life. The single biggest risk to phones for Environmental Workers is water-ingress. Tough Phones come with Ingress Protection specifically against the danger of water, with many offering protection should you accidentally drop your phone in a river or reservoir, or simply be having to work long hours in the field exposed to the wet weather.

It’s important that field workers and those working back in the agency are able to maintain easy communication with one another, ensuring projects and research are undertaken smoothly and without any delays.

Waterproof Tough Phones are likely to be the phone of choice for Environmental Agencies. There won’t be additional costs when phones need replacing or repairing due to water damage meaning budgets are adhered to. Tough Phones will prove to be the durable smartphone of choice for those working in this field.