Facilities and warehouse staff are probably the most site-mobile within any office environment. Whereas regular smartphones probably suit the sedentary desk-based positions, these phones are simply not fit for purpose for those working within facilities management and in the warehouse. Shattered screens and dust ingress are all too common problems in these environments, meaning that regular smart phones just aren’t tough enough.

Tough Phones are designed and tested to withstand a more rugged environment: an environment that is more harsh on them than sitting tight in a pocket or on a desk. Tough Phones for Facilities Managements and Warehouse Staff will therefore prove reliable and durable, making a positive impact on your bottom line.

Whereas other office workers may be close to their direct-dial landline throughout the day, facilities and warehouse staff are likely to be on the move within the buildings and around the site. Therefore mobile phones are the solution for managing these staff and coordinating jobs. They can assist with keeping staff both safe and accountable, and will prove invaluable for managing a constantly mobile team.

Tough Phones can withstand being dropped from a forklift truck, or from dust in the air in the carpentry room, or even from water ingress as you try to fix the plumbing leak. Tough Phones are the durable and reliable solution for facilities and warehouse staff.