The tougher than normal demands of those involved in heavy manufacturing and industry aren’t kind to regular smartphones. They simply aren’t tough enough for the job in hand. With heavy machinery, physical labour and high levels of noise, and potentially dust, those working in heavy industry need something tougher.

Tough Phones are built to work at their best in environments such as these. With features that ensure they can stand the test of time against the additional challenges of these environments, they truly are up to the job. Their rubber protective outer casing ensures that the all-important smartphone technology is protected from the inevitable bashes and drops that happen in such work places. This is combined with differing levels of protection against both water and dust. Other features include shatterproof screens, touchscreens that can be operated whilst wearing work gloves, loud ringers and extended battery lives.

Tough Phones enable the technology of smartphones to be at the fingertips of a tougher workforce, enabling business to thrive and reach maximum productivity without taking repeated hits to the bottom line every time a regular smartphone bites the dust.