For those manning the frontline of public safety, whether they be in the Fire Service, Police Force, Ambulance Service, Coast Guard or Mountain Rescue, one thig is certain: a basic smartphone isn’t up to the job. When it is vital that communications are rapid and reliable, there is no room for error. These are precisely the jobs that need to be backed up by Tough Phone Technology.

Tough Phones combine the versatility and functionality of the leading generation of smartphones with tough protective technology to ensure these phones stand the test of daily life anywhere other than on a desktop. Tough Phones are built to withstand not only the knocks and bumps personnel in Public Safety work expose them too, but also to prevent dust and water ingress, and to be functional even in the worst weather, in the toughest conditions including when temperatures are particularly low or high, or when they need to be used whilst wearing protective gloves.

Public Safety workers need reliability in their equipment, and their phones are no exception to this. Allowing for Push to Talk technology between colleagues on the same site, as well as operating on the network of your choice, Tough Phones are capable of maintaining the lines of communication right when it is vital. They won’t be suddenly out of action because they dropped in to a roadside puddle, or because of working in the rain. They will be reliable and essential pieces of your team’s equipment.