For those deployed on Road Construction projects you can be on different sites from month to month, yet the same requirements remain: the need for communication between staff wherever they are on site. This is essential not just from a project management point of view but also in order to ensure the Health and Safety of each and every employee.

Those involved in road work are repeatedly exposing their phone not only to the elements with the risk of water ingress, but also to dust and accidental drops and bangs. In addition, phones in these environments need to have extra loud ring facilities as well as be functional whilst wearing protective gloves. Ideally, you don’t want to risk more pieces of electronic equipment than necessary to this tough working environment: Tough Phones that come with Push to Talk technology combine the functionality of a walkie-talkie with the smartphone itself, meaning just one piece of handheld technology at any one time is needed by workers.

By equipping an entire site workforce with Tough Phones, you as an employer can benefit from economies of scale. Knowing that your entire staff is on a network of your choice with reliable handsets that won’t give up the ghost before their contract expires. Tough Phones make smart financial sense for road workers.