Whatever utility business you work in, from landlines to gas, electricity and water supply workers there’s no doubt you need a Tough Phone that’s up to being reliable day-in-day-out on the job. Utility workers work of varying sites, in variable weather, and have a highly mobile job moving from site to site. The requirements of these types of jobs call for Tough Phones that are durable enough to withstand the pressures of this industry.

Typically Utility Workers require Tough Durable Phones that are able to stand up against water and mud exposure, as well as potentially being able to take some hard knocks. Utility workers can be working with buried cables and pipes, climbing towers, up cherry pickers, descending manholes: these are not jobs for an ordinary mobile phone: not if you want it to last the course and prove economical for your business.

Importantly, the phones employed within this industry need to have a long battery life. You need instant communication to coordinate workers and ensure maximum efficiency on the job. Additionally, utility workers need phones that are reliable for viewing traffic information in real time with access to pinpoint navigation: you need to look at the Tough Phone market.

Tough Phones are made of Tough Stuff specifically meeting the requirements of Utility Workers.