Sonimtech are renowned for making virtual indestructibility phones but it met its match when it went against Blendtecs Total Blender Wildside.

Blendtec claim that their machine came out on top in there “Will it Blend” challenge but looks like it was an even match, judge for yourself.

On YouTube, Blendtec does say that the Blender “has finally met its match” but they claim the phone “was mostly blended” doesn’t look like it was mostly blended to us.

In a press release by Sonimtech they boast that “even after the 30-second test, the phone still rang, could make and receive phone calls.”

The CEO of Sonimtech added “I’ve seen people try to destroy our phone a number of ways, but this one takes the cake! Remember, our phones are backed by Sonim’s industry-leading 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty, covering not only manufacturer’s defects but also accidental damage, but not blenders.”

The different ways people have tried to destroy the phone include:

Grilling, which didn’t damage the phone but damaged the meat they were cooking instead.

A Cement Mixer

And, a washing machine