Those working in forestry and logging are exposed to some of the toughest working conditions. Heavy technical machinery, and frequently remote access, as well as exposure to the elements, puts phones in to a tough environment. Standard smartphones are simply not up to the job in these scenarios – you need durability, resistance to rain and moisture, resistance to dust ingress from things such as sawdust, and a tough outer shell protecting the phone against bumps, bashes and the wear and tear that is part and parcel of life on the job.

Added benefits of tough phones for forestry workers are that many come with a longer than average battery life, and those supplied through Tough Phones are available on all major UK networks. Therefore you can be reliant on your communication however long you’re on site, and wherever you may be. These durable phones also frequently now come with Push to Talk technology, meaning they can replace walkie-talkies for site inter-communication making the Communications Process easier and simpler. They also frequently can be matched with top of the range mapping and GPS technology, again simplifying the technology required on a Tough Job.

Forestry & Logging workers need reliable hard-wearing phones that can cope with the demands of tough physical jobs in the outdoors: Tough Phones are the answer.

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