Whilst Tough Phones are designed for the rugged environment and traditionally aimed at outdoor sports enthusiasts, builders and farmers, the large-scale needs of mining can be met by equipping a Mining Workforce with the latest top of the range Tough Phones.

For those working in extraction, the challenges are unique. Often the worksites are remote and exposed, yet there is an inherent requirement for large-scale project management and a keen eye for detail where Health and Safety is concerned. Tough Phones can help keep employees in touch, accountable and safe. These phones are built specifically to stand up against water and dust ingress whilst retaining all the functionality we expect of a smartphone. They are durable and tougher, withstanding knocks and bumps, extending their life and ensuring you get value for money.

Whether your staff are involved in drilling, excavating or managing the site office, a Tough Phone will enable communication lines to stay open and for projects to be undertaken swiftly and safely. Extended battery life and Push to Talk technology increases the functionality of these phones in the Mining environment.

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