Construction workers need a Builders Phone. Tough Industries, such as Construction, require Tough Phones to augment their business: technology is one of the key players in enabling you to stand out from the competition, ensuring team communication and connectivity is seamless despite being out on site and not easily accessible in an office. The Construction Industry is the toughest working environment for phones: they need to withstand ingress from dust and water, as well as drops, especially from height on to rugged uneven ground.

Construction workers need Tough Phones with Tough Capabilities: Builders Phones, whatever their industry speciality: from bricklayers to site managers, from plumbers to scaffolders, and surveyors to plasterers. What your phone has to withstand, day in day out, is out of the ordinary, and you don’t need to lose vital business communication time, or incur repeated additional expenses, by not being kitted out with the Right Stuff: Tough Stuff.

By only offering devices that are rugged: designed specifically with features such as hardened rubber casings; screens that can be used whilst wearing gloves; and rubber plugs on external jacks, Toughphones ensure you and your workforce are equipped with another tool suitable for the job. We take care to ensure we offer devices known to withstand the harsh environment of construction workers so that you can choose this tool with the same sense reliability that you would choose any other tool in your kit.

Additionally, a Builders Phone comes with further features such as extra loud ringers, ensuring that the phone does its job in noisy construction environments. Don’t be caught out with poor equipment: if you’re in the Construction Industry you need Tough Stuff: we’ve got it.

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