The demolition industry is one of the most hazardous on the block, and any worker within the industry can attest to the dangers of dust particles affecting the functionality and durability of phones, which is why tough phones for demolition are the way forward. As small as dust particles may seem, it might not be well known how dust can negatively affect a phone. 

More often than not, we take our smartphones everywhere with us—from the workplace and restaurants to public transport and even the bathroom. So, it is safe to say that our smartphones provide excellent opportunities for dust and germs to settle quickly, and stay for a while. When working on a demolition site, the average smartphone usually stands little chance of living a long, durable life. The corners of your phone case, ports and jacks are only some of the places where dust settles, and while microfibre cloths are great for cleaning dusty areas, they are not the solution to endurance in tough environments. 

The demolition industry is tough, and having a durable mobile phone will give workers and their employers peace of mind. When choosing a dust-proof tough phone, an IP rating is what you’ll look for. An IP rating or Ingress Protection rating is a universally accepted measurement for the resistance of dust and water. So whether you’re an adventure-seeker or working in tough environments, tough phones with an excellent IP rating will help protect your phone against water, dust, and grime.

Tough phones for demolition are dust and water-resistant, making smart, financial, and practical sense.

Tough Phones for Demolition

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