Smart Phone Specialists Clove Technology ( have been putting tough phones to the test and have recently subjected several JCB Sitemasters to a variety of different scenarios to see if the phone is as tough as the name suggest .

The Toilet Test.

Tough Phones are designed to be waterproof and water resistant, so an obvious test is to see how waterproof the JCB Sitemaster is by dropping down the loo. Watch the video below to see the results.

The Firework Test

We can’t imagine how likely and often this is going to happen, but Clove decided to strap a Toughphone to a bunch of fireworks and lit the fuse. Will the tough phone survive the detonation? The fall? All these questions and more are answered in the video below:

The “Trapped In Concrete And Then Smashed With A hammer” Test

Finally, this test is a lot more plausible. Imagine that you’re mixing concrete and oops! You’ve occidentally dropped your phone into the mixture, but you’ve only realised this after the concrete has set. Will the phone survive its encasement?

For this test Clove mixed a bag of quick drying concrete and put the phone in to set. A few hours later they tried to get the phone out by hammering it. Will it still work?

As you can see the Tough Phone managed to pass all three tests with flying colours. If you would like your own Tough phone to try to destroy or to even just use it as a phone, just contact us on 0845 0000 550 or email us: