At Tough Phones, we have some of the best waterproof smartphones out there, and they have recently become popular among kitesurfers and for good reason. Not only are they great for capturing epic selfies in mid-air, but they can save you or your fellow kiters if you get into a tough situation in the water. From being able to check weather forecasts and wind speeds, to getting the perfect action shot for your Instagram, waterproof smartphones have become the extreme sports enthusiasts friend. 

Kitesurfers are propelled across the water by the powerful wind for an enjoyable yet challenging experience. Kitesurfing combines three demanding skills which include windsurfing, wakeboarding, and power kite flying, and these combined make kitesurfing the most extreme of water sports—being faster and more exhilarating than any other water-based activity. But let’s imagine that you’re riding a downwinder when you find yourself in a tough situation and there is nobody else around. Having one of the best waterproof smartphones means that you can call the emergency services or even send your GPS location to a friend to call for assistance.

We have a fantastic collection of waterproof smartphones for kitesurfing. Extend your limits in tough environments, with a tough phone you can trust.

Waterproof Smartphones for Kitesurfing

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