Getnord Walrus

Getnord Walrus


Military standard tough mobile phone with IP68 rating, SOS calling system and powerful 10m torch


  • IP68 rating – water, dust and shock resistant
  • SOS calling and messaging systems with 3 SOS numbers
  • 2G frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz (Quad Band)
  • Dual SIM: MicroSIM and regular SIM
  • Standby time 350hrs, call time 9.5 hours
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Tough and practical – to get the job done

The Getnord Walrus is a rugged mobile phone that meets military standards so is sure not to fail you in extreme conditions.

IP68 Rating

This phone is able to withstand even extreme conditions, proven by its compliance to USA Military Standard regulations. The phone is thoroughly tested to ensure that whether it is dropped from a height or into water, it won’t break! For example it was tested in 2 metres of water for 30 minutes, for drop-resistance it was dropped from 1.22m 26 times at different angles on concrete and tested in a dust particles chamber. There is an additional tempered glass protect make of Asahi glass, that boasts an impressive 9H hardness.

Lone worker SOS

Working in harsh environments can bring a certain degree of risk and in the event of an emergency every second counts. Therefore the SOS calling system works through the button in the centre of the phone even if the screen is shattered, wet or dusty – you don’t even need to unlock your phone.

Powerful Torch

The powerful integrated torch allows you to see up to 10 metres in front of you and there is a handy button to activate it that can work even when the phone is locked.

Practicality put first

No matter how advanced smart phones are getting nowadays, sometimes they can’t beat a proper keypad. They are useless in very cold and moist conditions and they can’t be used with work gloves. That is the beauty of the Walrus, it has all the standard telephony features but in a robust and practical design.

Great audio capabilities

There is an MP3 player with a high-volume 20mm water resistant speaker, with both automatically generated and custom playlists. There is also a FM radio with SINAD noise reduction, which can work without connected earphones. So you can still stay entertained on the job!


  • IP68 rating – water, dust and shock resistant
  • SOS calling and messaging systems with 3 SOS numbers
  • Dual SIM: MicroSIM and regular SIM
  • Works in all mobile operator GSM networks
  • 2G frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz (Quad Band) – voice calls and EDGE internet worldwide
  • Powerful 10m torch
  • 64MB RAM + 64MB ROM capacity
  • Bluetooth v3.0 up to 3Mbps
  • Can extend capacity with 32GB micro SD card
  • 1.3Mpx rear camera
  • High-volume 20 mm water resistant speaker
  • MP3 player
  • Max standby time 350 hours
  • Max call time 9.5 hours
  • Integrated voice recorder
  • FM radio with SINAD noise reduction
  • Standard telephony features incl.: making and receiving calls, phonebook, messaging, calendar, alarm clock, notes, GPRS internet and more.
Warranty 2 years
Network With 2G
Dual SIM With dual SIM
GPS Without GPS
NFC Without NFC
Dust & shock resistant Resistant
Military Standard With military grade
Water resistant Water resistant
IP Rating IP68 rating
Camera With camera
Rear Camera 1.3 Mpx rear camera with video recording function
Expandable memory With exandable memory
Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0
Frequency Quad-band
Screen size Less than 4.5″ screen
Hands free With hands free kit
Standby / talk time 350 hours standby time, 9.5 hours call time
Dimensions 125mm x 57mm x 21 mm
Weight 155g


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