People working in Oil & Gas, Chemical Engineering and Seismic Exploration are working in harsh environments, often for long rotations, and need communication equipment that is up to surviving the rigours of life in these workplaces. Standard smartphones in these environments are likely to require frequent replacing, whereas a Tough Phone that is built for the job is going to be a safer bet.

Tough Phones are built to be spark-proof, as well as designed to prevent dust and water ingress. They are also encased in rubber and with shatterproof screens are designed to withstand the knocks and bumps of daily life in a harsh environment. Additionally, they retain all the functionality of smart phones that we have come to expect, but in a way that isn’t so fragile. These phones are built with a long battery life and can be used despite wearing protective gloves, meaning they are a useful tool on the job.

Additionally, Tough Phones come with extra functionality that is perfect for these types of profession such as Push To Talk technology, meaning the phones can be used across the site as walkie talkies, eliminating the need to carry more than one piece of communication technology around with you.

Tough Phones are ideal for those working in the tough environments of Oil & Gas, Chemical Engineering and Seismic Exploration. They make smart financial practical sense.