Whether for use at a training facility, in a national-scale emergency, or even in a deployment zone, standard mobile phones are simply not up to the job. Tough Phones have been developed largely using defence technology – they have been designed to be rugged, durable, and up to exactly these kinds of jobs. They will prove instrumental in varied operations and be fit for the harsh environments that military and defence workers operate in.

Tough Phones are spark-proof, and built to withstand the dust and water ingress that poses a problem for many mobile phones taken out of a comfy office environment. They are also designed to withstand the pressure of varying forces: from extremes of temperature, to falls from height, or impact. For those working in defence, where safety, productivity and results are reliant on real-time exchange of information between people, systems and resources, durable Tough Phones are tough enough for the job in hand.

Additionally, many tough phones now available come with Push-to-Talk technology. This effectively removes the need for walkie talkies, whilst being more reliable and covering a wider range.

Tough Phones are Tough Enough for our Toughest Personnel – they make simple logistical sense for those working in defence and public safety.