If you’re visiting this post, you’re either curious to learn more about waterproof phones, or you’re pretty sure you could benefit from having one but want reassurance. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place: this post will explain not only how to identify if a phone is waterproof, but also what target audience these types of phones appeal to, as well as a few of our own recommendations of the best waterproof phones on sale right now.

So what is a waterproof phone?

You may or may not know that all tough phones are measured in toughness using a rating system called the IP, or International Protection, rating. IP ratings are divided into two numbers, which together define levels of sealing effectiveness against intrusion from foreign bodies (such as dust) and water.

When reading the IP rating of a phone, the first number to follow IP indicates the level of protection from foreign bodies, and the second defines the level of protection against water. The first digit will range from 1 to 7, with 1 being no special protection from dust, and 7 being totally dust-tight. The second digit will range from 1 to 9, with 1 being no protection from water, and 9 being protected against long periods of underwater immersion.

The higher the IP rating, the more dust and waterproof your phone will be. In this case, as we’re only looking at waterproof phones, you’re looking for the second digit to be at least higher than a 6 to have protection against low pressure water jets from all angles, and a 9 to have protection against temporary immersion under water.

Phew, that’s the hard part out of the way. Now you know exactly what makes a phone waterproof, you’re probably wondering if a waterproof phone is for you…

First off, even though there are certain groups of people that a waterproof phone is most useful to, that’s not to say that anyone can’t buy one, if they wish. Our waterproof phones are not only practical; they’re also modern, speedy and up-to-date with the latest technology. That said, the groups below are likely to benefit from a waterproof phone the most:

  • The water sports lover

If you’re an avid sailor, windsurfer, jet skier, or rower, you’d probably love to be able to take your phone out on the water with you without the crippling fear of getting it wet, or worse, dropping it in the water. Having a waterproof phone means you can check the time, take photos or reply to messages whilst out in the water and not feel too worried about doing so.

  • The outdoors worker

Think your phone is immune from rain water damage? Think again- even a short walk in the rain with your phone in your pocket can leave it damaged to the point of being unable to use. So anyone who works outside, waterproof clothing or not, may go through phones at a much faster rate simply because of being caught in one too many downpour.

  • The all-round klutz

We all know someone whose constant “bad luck” means they go through at least 3 phones a year. If this is you, your clumsiness is likely costing you an arm and a leg, and we’re guessing you’re pretty fed up with it. Whether your phone finds itself dropped down the toilet or in the bath too many times, or you’ve found even more inventive ways to do the damage, a waterproof phone would definitely be a positive addition to your life.

Okay, so you need a waterproof phone. But which should you go for?

The best waterproof phones in our range at the moment are the Cat S40, the Defender Smartphone and Walkie Talkie, the Seals TS3 and the RugGear RG500. We currently stock all of these phones, and you can find them through our website’s search function. All these phones have an IP rating of 8 for water protection, meaning they’re almost as waterproof as it gets (it’s rare for a phone to actually make an IP rating of 9).